Hilltop's Church Board

Leadership Team

Pastor- James “Butch” Crum

Pastor- James
“Butch” Crum

Pastor Butch and his wife, Sheri, have served at Hilltop for over 20 years. He is the Southern District General Superintendent for the Christian Baptist Association.

Associate Pastor- Josh Clifton

Associate Pastor-
Josh Clifton

Josh is an ordained minister with the Christian Baptist Association. Josh is married to Paige, and they are raising 2 young sons at Hilltop. They have a desire to see Hilltop grow!
Youth Pastor- Jeremy Vipperman

Youth Pastor-
Jeremy Vipperman

Jeremy is married to Shelli, and they are also raising their 2 kids at Hilltop. Jeremy is the youth leader and portrays Jesus in Hilltop's annual Passion Play!
Deacon/Treasurer- Mark McDowell

Mark McDowell

Mark has served on the board at Hilltop for the past 30 years. He has served as Treasurer since 1997 and was ordained as a Deacon in 2012.
Sunday School Superintendent- Carrie Tomlin

Sunday School Superintendent-
Carrie Tomlin

Carrie is not only Hilltops’ Sunday School Superintendent, she also teaches our teen class. She is a local high school teacher and loves serving the Lord.
Church Clerk- Shelli Vipperman

Church Clerk-
Shelli Vipperman

Shelli serves as Hilltop's church clerk. Being a PK (preachers' kid) she has been raised in church and is now raising her two kids at Hilltop. She has a beautiful voice!
Trustee- Laura Metz

TRUSTEE- Laura Metz

Laura is the Lord's housekeeper at Hilltop. She faithfully keeps the church clean and ready for worship.

Trustee- Ray McKinney

Ray is just an all around great guy who loves the Lord! He's the newest Trustee at Hilltop and has an infectious smile and ray (no pun intended) of positivity! Ray is married to Melony and they live in Westwood.
Trustee- Bill Criss, Jr.

Trustee- Bill Criss, Jr.

Bill serves as one of Hilltop’s trustees. He is married to Angie, and they are raising 4 kids. Bill can fix anything around the church!
Trustee- Nathan Frisby

Trustee- Nathan Frisby

Nathan also serves as one of Hilltop’s trustees. He keeps the grounds in top shape and shares his testimony with everyone he comes in contact with. Nathan utilizes sign language during worship services by signing songs, it is beautiful to watch!